Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stella's Word of the Week: Lambaste

LAMBASTE \lam-BAYST\, transitive verb:

1. To give a thrashing to; to beat severely.

2. To scold sharply; to attack verbally; to berate.

Stella stealthily hides behind the giant tire, patiently awaiting the opportunity to lambaste her arch nemesis, this yucky old swan.

"I am going to tear this bird a new swan hole."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stella Loves the Toronto FC, too!

And that is why her new best friend this weekend was This Guy:

This Guy has his own Boston at home named Tux so he was totally cool when Stella stuck her tongue right in his mouth. Apparently it's a Boston thing...isn't it?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stella’s Word of the Week: Pugnacious

Stella’s word of the week is:

PUGNACIOUS: puhg-NAY-shuhs\, adjective
Inclined to fight; combative; quarrelsome

The pair of swans who originally displayed a haughty indifference toward Stella have now revealed a truly pugnacious character. As soon as the swans see Stella out for her daily walk along the boardwalk, they immediately swim toward her, hissing and spitting in attempt to engage her in mortal combat.

"Take off eh, you hoser!"

Thanks Stella loves u.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Stella Bella the Canadian Idol Wannabee

So Stella heard that Canadian Idol audition had made its way to Toronto and she immediately decided she wanted to go try out.
I tried to talk her out of it.

"First of all Stella, even if you do manage overwhelm the judges with your adorable-ness to the point that they all overlook the fact that you are, well, not actually human, they won't like your song choice .... Yes, I do think that you do a great rendition of Ludacris' You's a Ho but I don't think they will like that much profanity. It's a family show, you see ... "

Despite my objections, Stella sprayed on her best doggie cologne, which is actually just a nice smelling conditioner for her skin and coat because I refuse to buy actual doggie cologne, and headed off first thing Saturday morning to auditions. Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo below, Stella was a little confused. The poor girl went to the wrong stage.

Stella sat very pretty waiting for her audience to show up but no one came. I did sit down and offer to listen but I think Stella thought I was patronizing her.

So we left the stage and headed over to the boardwalk. Luckily Stella is an "out of site, out of mind" kinda pup and was immediately distracted from her troubles by a big stick that needed to be chewed into two pieces.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Bloggy Doggy: Princess on Queen.

Stella Bella was out and about on Queen Street in the Toronto Beaches yesterday – or, as The Man says we are supposed to call it now, The Beach.

Stella made a ton of new best friends. One of her bestest new best friends is Angel the Cat.

As you can see in the picture, sometimes love is not reciprocated but Angel’s quiet distaste for Stella did not bruise her ego at all. Stella just went on with her shopping.

Stella loves shopping, even if it is just to help Mambomama (that is not me, btw) buy a new deadbolt to help keep out crazies. Luckily for Stella, the staff at Rona Hardware in The Beaches The Beach is very dog friendly.

The staff are not, however, very flash photography friendly. In fact if you take a picture of the staff at Rona, she is likely to hurl herself to the ground and start having convulsions. I know this because she explained it to Stella, Mambomama and me, not because it actually happened. Luckily, I have a pretty good camera and the place is well lit so we did not need to use a flash.

So, in conclusion, if you go to Rona Hardware in The Beaches (screw you The Man) do not take flash photography, take a dog ...and keys if you need any copies cut.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stella's Word of the Week: Nefarious

Anyone who knows anything knows that Stella has street smarts. She is out roaming the streets every day (sometimes three times a day) marking her territory. Plus all the dogs in the neighbourhood want to roll with her, it's true. She has some serious street cred.

Of course, Stella would like to prove she is more than just a bad dog with a good attitude so we are introducing Stella's word of the week (which gets emailed everyday to the inbox from but, whatever, it still counts).

Stella's word of the week is:

NEFARIOUS: \nuh-FAIR-ee-uhs\, adjective

Wicked in the extreme; iniquitous.

Without a second thought, Stella will fearlessly charge a gang of nasty pigeons, her sworn enemy, in an effort to break up their and nefarious scheming and plotting. She is not sure what it is they are plotting or for whom but she knows those jerks are up to something.

Stella sitting pretty without a pigeon in site. Good job Stella.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Stella Makes Friends with a Captain

Stella's new best friend this weekend was Captain John.

Now Stella Bella is not a dummy, she has heard the rumours about Captain John's fish not being quite so fresh. Along with a heart of gold, though, Stella also has a stomache of iron. During park walks in her earlier days, Stella has eaten twigs, dirt, rocks, goose poop and cigarette butts with barely any damage (what is $1200 in vet bills anyway?). She is sure she will be able to eat Captain John's without any long term damage at all. Yay Stella!

Stella also met this little cutie pie on the weekend:
Stella wanted to play with him pretty bad but he was a scaredy-pup. Finally! Stella has found a dog afraid of her....of course the pretty puppy is only four months old but let's not take this moment away from Stella.