Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stella's Word of the Week: Nefarious

Anyone who knows anything knows that Stella has street smarts. She is out roaming the streets every day (sometimes three times a day) marking her territory. Plus all the dogs in the neighbourhood want to roll with her, it's true. She has some serious street cred.

Of course, Stella would like to prove she is more than just a bad dog with a good attitude so we are introducing Stella's word of the week (which gets emailed everyday to the inbox from dictionary.com but, whatever, it still counts).

Stella's word of the week is:

NEFARIOUS: \nuh-FAIR-ee-uhs\, adjective

Wicked in the extreme; iniquitous.

Without a second thought, Stella will fearlessly charge a gang of nasty pigeons, her sworn enemy, in an effort to break up their and nefarious scheming and plotting. She is not sure what it is they are plotting or for whom but she knows those jerks are up to something.

Stella sitting pretty without a pigeon in site. Good job Stella.


Tarable said...

I look forward to new Stella posts. She's gorgeous!!

Nanette said...

Thanks Tarable! I am keeping my eye on your blog, too. I think Stella may be developing a crush on Quincy (who wouldn't?).