Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Holidays and Happy 2009!!!

Stella and I had an awesome Christmas. We both got lots of prezzies and ate tons of food! First the BF, Stella, and I went to Mambo Mamma's and brother's on Christmas morning. Then we all high tailed it back to our place. I cooked while Stella opportunistically cleaned the kitchen floor, which was fun for both of us. The BF set up and played Rockband and Kitty mostly hid in various spots around the condo. Mambo Mamma and brother came over for dinner and we all ate too much!!! We will post photos of Stella enjoying Christmas soon.

New Years was mostly AWESOME for me and, at first, it was great for Stella. Kitty pretty much alternated between hiding and demanding attention from guests. Then the countdown began and the noisemakers came out. Stella was not sure if she enjoyed that part. She was curious but a little nervous so she took a time out in the bedroom while she made up her mind.

I thought Kitty would hide through the noise of the countdown - that is what she usually does when she hears loud noises - but I underestimated how upset she would get. I especially thought she would stay pretty mellow because her epilepsy was acting up earlier in the day so we had to give her double dosage of her pheno. This should have helped her stay mellow...only it didn't.

Once the noise makers and cheering started, Kitty jumped right out of her favourite hiding spot and started running like a crazy cat all over the condo. Being stoned, her coordination and reflexes suck so she was banging into things and people. We were trying to direct her into the bedroom so she could hide in the dark and calm down before she killed herself. Can you imagine 15 drunk people trying to herd in insane little kitty into a bedroom? Of course, as soon as the bedroom door was open, Stella joined in the chase (Stella believes it is her personal duty to chase and corner Kitty whenever she is in trouble). I was so worried about the Kitty getting hurt, I did not realize how stupid funny the whole thing looked. Luckily, crisis was averted when we managed to herd her into the washroom, where (Stella and) I stayed with her and calmed her down. She was back to purring in about 15 minutes and there were no broken bones or poked out eyes....whew!

I never would have expected Stella to get nervous and Kitty to freak out. Especially because both Stella and Nellie are fine in Thunderstorms, when they hear fireworks, and around large groups of people. I guess I will know better for next time. Sigh.