Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back from vacation. We really moosed you.

Okay, that was a nerdy title but Stella and I are tired from driving so much so we are not feeling very creative.

Anyway, Stella's new best friend this weekend (and from her road trip) is this thing:

A ginormous moose. Stella did not even mind that he smelled like he had not had a bath in forever.

She liked him because he was the strong silent type. He really listened to her problems, like how she was running low on her favourite treats and did not think she would get home in time.

Up, up and away magic moosey! take me to my treats...and comfy bed. I am so tired and grumpy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stella Loves These Blogs Best So You Should Too

So on behalf of Stella, I just added Mack's Mess to her favourite blogs list. She has some really cool blogs on her short but puppy approved blog roll, so why not check them out?

Mack's Mess - our newest fave. He has sister issues.

Maxwell the Pug - okay, we are a little mad at Maxwell because he hasn't posted in awhile. As soon as he does, though, we will be cool again.

Punk Rock Dogg, The Murphy Dogg Blogg -This badass dog has sister issues like Mack but times 100! He already had one sister but then he just got TWO new sisters whom obviously needed a kickass home real bad.

Insipientia by Smartguy McBigBrain - This guy is an obnoxious know-it-all whom Stella, for some odd reason loves to death but is mad at him for not visiting her in Canada. I mean he lives in Idaho for crying out loud. What possible excuse could he have for not wanting to leave Idaho?

The Dog Dish by Temple Treats - This is a blog on the site that sells Stella's FAVOURITE doggie treats. Except she doesn't have to buy them there because I own the business and therefore she gets free doggie treats.

Backpackers in Toronto Blog - Stella is the unnofficial mascot for Backpackers on Dundas because the owner is my friend and stuck there all the time and Stella is stuck with me all the time and I am always there watching free movies and drinking wine.

Nanette's Dog Blog - This is one of Stella's favourite blogs because most of the entries are about her or about Toronto or about her in Toronto. Those are three favourite topics.

Tarable - This is a really cool blog written by a really cool chick who has bunny ears for her Boston. Tarable is pregnant but still able to eat dessert tofu and hopefully sushi. Stella wants bunny ears too.

Our Pain, Stella's Gain

Stella, the BF, MamboMama, my little brother and I are going on a 6 day roadtrip starting tomorrow night. It sounds hellish, I know but at least Stella will love it. A 6 day road trip is Stella's most awesomest dream come true. I am sure she will make about eleventybillion new best friends and I will post those pics either on or after the vacation. In the mean time, Stella's new best friend this week had to be this guy and this girl:

I think Stella gladly would have followed them home, the little bugger, if I did not have her leashed to me.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stella and the Gigantic Puppet

So everyone should know by now that Stella is a little nuts, right? She loves to go around Toronto getting her photo taken with perfect strangers, or, as Stella prefers to call them, new best friends. Usually my Boston Terrier baby makes so many new friends, I have to choose which photo to post. Earlier this week I posted Stella in the arms of Chris Jericho at the Toronto Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone. She made a tonne of other new best friends at that event too, though.

So one of Stella's other new best friends is this guy:

That is right, Stella made best friends with the mascot for the Toronto Argonaughts.

Well, they were best friends until it very suddenly dawned on Stella that she was in the arms of a gigantic chew toy. That is when she bit Mr. Argo's Mascot in the thumb and, terrified of being in a world in which doggie toys come to life and take over, she spent the next three minutes frantically attempting to keep Mr. Argo's Mascot a safe distance from the defenseless crowd at the event. It was not an easy feat because there were so many people standing around laughing and cheering, not to mention the news camera videotaping her. It was all very distracting, really, so eventually (right about the time Mr. Argo's Mascot walked away) Stella decided to give up and look for a nice place to pee.

Yay Stella!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stella would be JLo?

Sayyy Whaaat? Stella does not think so.

What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Jennifer Lopez! Find out at

Stella thinks this quiz is sexist.

Stella's Word of the Week: Abulia

ABULIA \uh-BOO-lee-uh; uh-BYOO-\, noun:

Loss or impairment of the ability to act or to make decisions.
In the midst of her charge towards a flock of suspicious looking pigeons, from the corner of her eye, Stella saw a small furry black creature with a bushy tail darting across the park. After momentarily being struck with abulia, Stella switched directions and high-tailed it after the offensively chattering creature.
Thanks Stella loves U.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Stella Loves Chris Jericho

Stella made about a fofillian new best friends this week because she walked 5kms to help raise money for the Kids Help Phone. Her new bestest friend though is definitely Chris Jericho from WWE.

Chris Jericho helped kick off the Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone by revving up the crowd and standing in front of the blue start ribbon. Well Stella is not shy and thought she should help pump up the walkers too. Plus she thinks Chris Jercicho is totally hot and she now wants to watch WWE all the time. She practically threw herself in his arms for a photo opp, the cheeky girl. His manager lady did not look too impressed although Jericho did not seem to mind.