Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stella on the Toronto Harbourfront

Stella made a lot of new best friends this last week. She gave kisses to an elderly lady who used to have a Boston that looked just like Stella. She played briefly with a couple of young boys in the park and she met a Mini Pinscher named Mocha. He was much more stylishly dressed that Stella but not as well behaved. Stella could not decide if Mocha was trying to play with her or bite her. She could understand his dilemma because she had the same problem earlier in the week, only with birds.

Stella tried to make best friends with a couple of swans but they would have nothing to do with her. She barked and barked and she assumed the proper play stance position but still the swans ignored her like she was a D list celebrity with a failing reality show. It is probably for the best. Even though the swans outnumbered her 2-1 and were twice her size, given half the chance, Stella would have eaten them and everyone they loved. F###ing Swans.