Monday, April 7, 2008

Stella Makes Friends with a Captain

Stella's new best friend this weekend was Captain John.

Now Stella Bella is not a dummy, she has heard the rumours about Captain John's fish not being quite so fresh. Along with a heart of gold, though, Stella also has a stomache of iron. During park walks in her earlier days, Stella has eaten twigs, dirt, rocks, goose poop and cigarette butts with barely any damage (what is $1200 in vet bills anyway?). She is sure she will be able to eat Captain John's without any long term damage at all. Yay Stella!

Stella also met this little cutie pie on the weekend:
Stella wanted to play with him pretty bad but he was a scaredy-pup. Finally! Stella has found a dog afraid of her....of course the pretty puppy is only four months old but let's not take this moment away from Stella.

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