Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stella Awaits Halloween

What are you planning dress up as for Halloween, Stella?

A cutie pie kitty cat who happens to seizure a lot and pee on the floor?

No? Phew!

Well, how about a bunny rabbit? You do a great impression!

Nope? Okay.

Then, how about a glowey eyed goblin that guards the kitty food?

Not that either, eh?

Well, I know you are not planning on being a bat dog, you've been there done that!

I guess I will just have to wait and see what you plan to be.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lumpy Lumpy Stella

So I noticed something very strange about Stella the other morning. She was looking up at me cute as can be but her hind quarters seemed, well, bumpy. "Stella, what is wrong with your leg?" I asked. On cue, Stella twisted around and started chewing on her leg.

Upon closer inspection, I found that Stella had huge bumps all over her rear legs and bottom half. She seemed a little itchy but not overly uncomfortable and she was not having difficulty breathing, drinking, or eating. She was still playing like normal as well. Her vet was closed that day so I did some online research and then ran to the drug store to pick her up some Benedryl and Oatmeal bath.

The lumps went down after adinistering the Benedryl and the bath but did not clear up entirely. She was fine until about bed time. She became restless and uncomfortable. The next morning her hives started appearing all over her body and face, and she threw up a few times. Our vet is awesome so they saw her straight away, squeezing her in between appointments.

The vet gave Stella a shot of Benedryl and a steroid shot. They also gave her a two week supply of meds. The hives were gone by the time she got home. They told us that we had done everything right with the Benedryl tablets and oatmeal bath. If it happens again, we should do the same thing and then give them a call.

She obviously had some sort of alleric reaction. The most obvious suspect to me is the bed sheets. I usually wash the bedsheets in Woolite / Zero bc I have sensitive skin. Mark (the bf), however, washed them in Tide.

I tried to get some photos but unfortunately they did not turn out very well.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Betty is Home!!!

Just a quick update to my last post, Betty has been safely returned to her home! Yay!

Now for the unlsettling news. Witness say they saw a young lady (probably in her twenties) take Betty from a parking lot. Betty's owners are assuming that this is the same young lady who returned Betty in exchange for a reward. I am not very clear on the events but Betty's owners feel that this whole event was very suspicious and, while they are happy to give a reward, in this particular exchange, the reward seemed more like a ransom.

Like I said, I am not clear on the details but Betty's mom seemed very upset about the whole situation. She is,however, very happy to have Betty home and so are we.

Welcome home, Betty!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lost Dog - Lost Boston Terrier (not Stella)

Hello friends of Stella. Stella and I recieved a terrible email today. Please see below, and if you see Betty, call the number at the end of the message.

We lost our 2year old Boston Terrier Betty on October 5th. She is about 20 pounds with black and white tuxedo markings. She was last seen in the parking lot between Durie and Berseford north of Bloor St. W. (Bloor West Village). We believe she was picked up by a woman in her twenties. We really miss her and want her to come home. Please help spread the word. If everyone can please take a few moments to send this out to all your friends, this has a good chance of getting to the woman who picked her up and getting Betty home safely. You can also help by adding the page on Facebook so that your network has the chance to read the story. We will happily reward whoever gets her home.
Contact Jessie at 647-668-9161
Email: Jessicaainglis@ yahoo.ca
FB: http://www.facebook .com/group. php?gid=82505735 290

Monday, October 6, 2008

Summer is Ending. Sigh.

Stella is a trying not to get in a blue funk now that summer is over and it is that wet, grey, in-between summer and winter time. Luckily Stella did a lot of awesome cool things this summer that she can think about to cheer her up.

Stella went to the beach:

Stella got a new shirt:

Stella learned a new skill:

Stella met a gross new friend:

All in all Stella was a happy camper this summer:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Stella's New Best Friend: Amy

Stella made a new best friend this summer. Stella's new best friend is Amy, a tiny BT in our building. She looks just like Stella except miniature version. While Amy's parents went on vacay, we got to keep Amy at our place for a full week, it was awesome! When we were out walking, everyone thought that Stella was Amy's mom. Amy is actually older than Stella by six months, though. She is just a tiny BT!
Here is Stella hanging out with her new best friend, Amy:

Stella bike riding with Amy on a four person (and two dog) bike:

Stella and Amy swimming at Centre Island:

Stella and Amy cooling off in a fountain after running around in the heat all day:

Unfortunately, Amy and her parents moved out of the building this weekend but they are not far so I am sure that Amy and Stella will be seeing a lot of eachother. I will try very hard not to steal Amy.