Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stella's Woofstock 2008 photos

As promised, Stella would like me to post some photos and tell some stories from her awesome time at Woofstock 2008 in Toronto last weekend.

To start the weekend off, Stella got a tattoo that matches mine. Unlike mine, her's is not permanent. How cool do we look?

After the tattoo session, Stella and I were so excited to see some exotic animals like this kinkajou:
And this hairless kitty cat:

We also saw about a fofillian awesome cool doggies:

We even saw a puppy that looked just like a teddy bear:

Stella, the spoiled puppy, got SO MUCH free stuff that it is crazy. We took the following photo of her loot and then put it all away only to turn around and find that we had a WHOLE other bag!!! Here is about 2/3's of her free stuff:

And that is just some of the cool stuff my Stella Bella experienced last weekend! Stella is already dreaming about attending Toronto's Woofstock 2009. Hopefully we will find some more interesting things to occupy her attention and time until then.

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