Monday, June 30, 2008

Stella's Saturday Sucked

So Stella did not have so much fun on Saturday because most of the day was spent transporting Nappy Nellie from the Emergency clinic to the place that did her MRI and then back to the emergency clinic. Things were looking up though because when Nappy Nellie woke up after MRI, she was looking really really pissed off until mummy pet her favourite spot under her chin, then Nellie looked happy. This is the first time since she first started seizuring that we have seen her moody personality shine through. Yay Nellie!

With spirits up, Stella decided to spend Sunday celebrating life at the Gay Pride Parade in downtown Toronto. She donned her rainbow cape and Super Butch personna, then headed off to the awesome parade, taking the bf and I with her. We will post some photos of Stella having an awesome time in our next post.

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