Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stella's Missing her Room Mate.

Stella's roomate and bestest friend ever (although the feelings are not necessarily reciprocated), Nappy Nellie (an adorable kitty), is feeling way under the weather. It has prevented me from writing about Stella's latest antics and happenings because we are all so worried about Nellie. She has been in and out of the vets for a couple of weeks but she is currently in the ICU of an emergency hospital which is where she has been for a couple of days. . I do not really want to write much about it on Stella's blog because it might depress her and then she will look at me with googly eyes and a pouty mouth and that, in my weakened state, will likely cause me to give her too many treats.

I might write a post about Nappy Nellie on Nanette's Dog Blog soon. Feel free to check there but in the mean time, don't worry, Stella is still having fun and doing lots of cool stuff. We will post about her latest happenings soon.


Tarable said...

Hope Nappy Nelly get's better soon!

Mack said...

Oh no - please get better Nelly!!

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Stella,
Although I'm not particularly FOND of my kitty brothers and sister, I can understand that you're feeling a little mopey since Nellie isn't around. Send her a big giant "GET WELL SOON" from me.
Murphy Dogg