Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stella Visits amp National Gaming Tour on Toronto Waterfront

Last week, Stella heard on the radio that the amp energy drink was sponsoring a giant gaming tour and making a stop in Toronto. Well, Stella loves games so she insisted upon putting on her brand new leash and heading over to the Toronto Harbourfront to join in the fun. I was going that way anyway so I did not even bother trying to explain that they wouldn't be playing her kind of games there. I am sure some of you are thinking that that might have been little mean of me but have you ever tried explaining the concept of video games to a dog? I would have been late for my lunch meeting!

Once Stella arrived at the gaming tent and realised that there were no games of catch, tug-o-war, or chase, she was a little disappointed....until she met this guy:

He is her new best friend and she totally loves him because he pet her a bunch and called her pretty.
Then she looked around a little bit and realized that, even though she was the only one there without opposable thumbs, she still fit in quite nicely; the sign even said so:

Unfortunately, I had to drag Stella away so I could get to my lunch meeting on time:

"Nooo, Don't make me go!!! I wanna go on tour!"


Tarable said...

HA HA HA!!! I love Stella.

Have I mentioned that before? Oh, only a hundred times??

That's hilarious.

Maggie & Mitch said...

Nice move, Stella! It always helps when your mom has to drag you, especially if others are watching! It gets your point across much better!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

OMD - that is the cutest pic ever - Stella as a froggy!!

Murphy Dogg said...

A perfectly executed "dead weight drop!" Excellent form, Stella. I do that when Mama is trying to leave the house and put me in my box. One tip: if you lay on your back, the leash is much less effective.
Murphy Dogg

Nanette said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions! Stella especially loves the "on the back" maneuver. She is practicing right now...or asking for belly rubs, one of the two.