Monday, July 14, 2008

Stella Bella is FED UP. No more kitty seizures or ELSE

So Stella loves pretty much everyone and everything (except dirty, grimey swans and some nefarious gangs of pigeons but who can blame her for that). Stella especially loves her roomie, Nappy Nellie. Except lately Nellie has really been trying Stella's patience.
The little dummy kitty has been in and out of the hospital, blowing through Stella's stuffie, chewie and treat money, not to mention her gets-to-stay-at-grammas-and-eat-tons-of crap-that-Nanette-would-never-feed-her-but-isn't-there-to-stop-her-because-she-is-another-country-with-her-bf money.

Last week, all was forgiven, though, because Nellie was home and supposedly better. Stella even let it slide that she was kicked out of her own home because Nellie bit a couple of vet technicians while in the hospital and so the health inspector "quarantined" her home. No people or pets were allowed around Nappie Nellie for 10 whole days (We may or may not have broken that rule once or twice). But even Stella couldn't blame Nellie for that one. I mean, she was having seizures, she didn't know what she's doing! She has her rabies shots so what the hell?...but I digress. Back to Stella

So the health inspector came and left and all was good. Except. Except right after the health inspector left (the same guy who inspects our condo pool, inspected our cat), Nellie started seizuring AGAIN! So back to emerg.

Nappy Nellie at emergency. Again.

Three days later, Nellie is home again, high as a purring kite, with a different combination of meds and a freshened up redonkulous hair cut. Well Stella is about fed up. Everyone is really tired and the cat is getting A LOT more attention than Stella Bella. Plus, 4 times a day, the cat gets medicine (which Stella is convinced is just a fancy, expensive word for treats).

Nappy Nellie better NOT have any more seizures. Or Else. Stella means it. Grrrr.

Stella's proof that everyone is tired. And that the cat is getting more attention then her.



Mack said...

Stella I know JUST how you feel! Our kitty, Ming, has a bad tum and has had to go to the Vet's a couple of times in the last week - she's getting all the attention and it really stinks!

Murphy Dogg said...

Hang in there, Stella! Me thinks that you're just worried and scared about Nellie's health, and that's coming out as irritability and pissiness. It's okay to be scared and worried. (Mama's a counselor and I've picked up a few things ...)
Murphy Dogg

Nanette said...

Look how sad Nellie looks on the vet table, Stella! Surely you must feel bad...

...NOPE says Stella, just get better already!!!