Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stella and the Gigantic Puppet

So everyone should know by now that Stella is a little nuts, right? She loves to go around Toronto getting her photo taken with perfect strangers, or, as Stella prefers to call them, new best friends. Usually my Boston Terrier baby makes so many new friends, I have to choose which photo to post. Earlier this week I posted Stella in the arms of Chris Jericho at the Toronto Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone. She made a tonne of other new best friends at that event too, though.

So one of Stella's other new best friends is this guy:

That is right, Stella made best friends with the mascot for the Toronto Argonaughts.

Well, they were best friends until it very suddenly dawned on Stella that she was in the arms of a gigantic chew toy. That is when she bit Mr. Argo's Mascot in the thumb and, terrified of being in a world in which doggie toys come to life and take over, she spent the next three minutes frantically attempting to keep Mr. Argo's Mascot a safe distance from the defenseless crowd at the event. It was not an easy feat because there were so many people standing around laughing and cheering, not to mention the news camera videotaping her. It was all very distracting, really, so eventually (right about the time Mr. Argo's Mascot walked away) Stella decided to give up and look for a nice place to pee.

Yay Stella!


Tarable said...

I think I might have bit him too. He's freaky looking.

Nanette said...

Yep, it was hilarious to see. One minute she was sitting comfortably in his giant puppet hands, then she kind of looked back at him, did a double-take, and started freaking out. The expression on her face was priceless. Like "Holy shit!?!?WTF is that?"

Mack said...

I would have done the exact same thing!!
Good for you!!