Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back from vacation. We really moosed you.

Okay, that was a nerdy title but Stella and I are tired from driving so much so we are not feeling very creative.

Anyway, Stella's new best friend this weekend (and from her road trip) is this thing:

A ginormous moose. Stella did not even mind that he smelled like he had not had a bath in forever.

She liked him because he was the strong silent type. He really listened to her problems, like how she was running low on her favourite treats and did not think she would get home in time.

Up, up and away magic moosey! take me to my treats...and comfy bed. I am so tired and grumpy.


Mack said...

You look absolutely POOPED in that last picture!

I think I'm gonna need a nap just looking at it!

Tarable said...

Indeed Stella, you do look pretty wiped out in that last picture.

It always cracks me up when Stella just sits so perfect for pictures. Like the first one. So obedient - so unlike my BT.

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Stella,
What a moose! I know you think you want a strong silent type right now, but trust me, that'll get on your nerves after a while and you'll wanna smack the crap outta him just so he'll say SOMETHING.
Murphy Dogg